• Chicago Zoning Certification

    We can handle your Chicago Zoning Certification needs



    We will certify your dwelling units for the City of Chicago.



    • Client receives original Zoning Certification.
    • Client receives a emailed PDF copy.

    Turn Around

    Depends number of units needing certifying. [Typically between 5-7 days]



    $120 City of Chicago Fee + $35 Service Charge

  • Components of the Chicago Zoning Certification

    More detail about the Chicago zoning certificate process below

    When a transfer of sale happens in Chicago you may need a zoning certification. Condos, co-ops, vacant land and commercial property do not need a Zoning Certifications. Townhouses and residential buildings with 1-5 units are required to have a Zoning Certification.


    Please note: Mixed-use buildings where a commercial space exists as well as residential, only the residential units would need to be indicated under this requirement.


    Once determining how many residential units you are seeking to certify, a payment to the Chicago Zoning Department is owed in the amount of $120.00 as well as some filled out paperwork due the day of application.


    The Zoning Department analyses City building permits, inspection records, Sanborn maps and pictures from the Cook County Assessor website to make dwelling determinations.


    Interestingly, that while the Cook County Assessor lists a property type, the City of Chicago does not deem this as reliable. The Chicago Zoning Department does not note the legality of dwelling units. The Zoning Administrator reserves the right to reconsider and revoke any Certificate of Zoning Compliance issued based on false or otherwise incorrect information provided by the applicant.


    City of Chicago requires a five business day period to complete the process (not including date of filing). This is not including weekends or government holidays. In the past the Zoning Department did same-day certifications for single dwelling where approved same day. The zoning certifications are valid for one year. As mentioned, if approved, the zoning certifications are ready in five business days for pick-up. If denied, an appeal can be filed and “the Zoning Administrator shall render a final decision which shall consist of either: (1) issuance of the Certificate of Zoning Compliance; or (2) issuance of a written statement setting forth the reasons for denial of the applications. The failure of the Zoning Administrator to act within five business days of the request for reconsideration shall be considered a waiver of the requirement for the issuance of a Certificate of Zoning Compliance” (Certificate of Zoning Compliance form 5836-12-AF-7/14).

    Chicago Zoning Certification Form:

    Available at the Certification Window at City Hall, Room 905.

    Avoid the lines, wasted time and aggravation - let us handle this service for you

    Information Required to Complete Application:

    The Property Address, Property Index Number (PIN), The Number of Dwelling Units Within the Structure, The Location of the Dwelling Units by Floor, Owner Applicant Information, Contact/Return Mail Information

    Certificate of Zoning Compliance form 5836-12-AF-7/14:

    “In addition to the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, all residential dwelling units must meet the minimum requirements of the Chicago Building Code (Title 13 of the Municipal Code), Chicago Fire Code (Title 15 of the Municipal Code), and the Chicago Plumbing and Electrical Code (Title 18 of the Municipal Code). A Certificate of Zoning Compliance is not a certification of a property's compliance with the Chicago Building Code, Chicago Fire Code, and Chicago Plumbing and Electrical Code, nor does it certify a property's compliance with the permit requirements of the Chicago Building Code.”

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