• Chicago Water Lien Release

    We can handle your Chicago Water Lien needs



    We will obtain Chicago Water Lien release.



    • Mailed original release mailed to client.
    • Client receives a emailed PDF copy the water release.

    We can also record the release for an additional charge.

    (Recording Cost + $40)


    Turn Around

    2-3 days from receiving the documentation. The service requires two trips to the Water Department to obtain release.



    $40 Service Charge

  • More About Chicago Chicago Lien Release

    More detail about the Chicago Lien Release process below

    Chicago Sewer and Water Lien – The City of Chicago has no limitations on statute of limitations, on this type of municipal lien. You can attempt to negotiate a settlement your water account FPC.


    When a water or sewer bill becomes delinquent, those charges become a lien upon the real estate for which the service is supplied. That is the case even if the water or sewer service charge was incurred by a tenant. The notice of lien may then be filed in the recorder’s office.

    A release of lien will be issued by the City if the balance is zero. Payoff Letters are not needed and not issued if there is a Ready online FPC. Balance currently owed online Ready FPC serves as the payoff amount due.

    A good PDF reference on this subject, “Municipal Liens: Procedures for Filing, Perfecting, and Collecting” (2011), provides a good resource abstract on the types of Chicago Municipal liens encountered, including Chicago Water Liens.

    Water Department Management

    Phone: 312.744.4420

    Fax: 312.744.7119

    1000 East Ohio Street

    Chicago, IL 60611

    Let Chicago Property Report handle your lien release. Only $40. Contact us today, orderproperty@gmail.com

    Chicago Property Report can also record your Chicago Water release! orderproperty@gmail.com

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