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    Client receives a emailed PDF Chicago Water Certification once: 1) The water is in "Ready" status, and 2) the client pays the balance on the account.


    Turn Around


    Depends, on if the city needs to conduct a meter reading or if more documentation is needed. It is best to order Water Certifications a week before your real estate transaction.


    Items Needed


    Legal Description and one of the following will be required to ensure a complete application:

    1. A Copy of the signed and notarized Deed for the intended transaction With grantor/grantee statement
    2. Title Commitment Schedule A listing buyer and seller
    3. Signed Sales Contract listing buyer and seller



    $40 Service Charge + Water Balance


    Please note:

    Outstanding City of Chicago Water bill balances will need to be paid to complete the certification process. A link to pay emailed to complete the certification.


    Applications are good for 60 days from the authorization date, if your application expires, you must resubmit.

  • Components of a Chicago Water Certification

    Read more detail about the City o f Chicago Water certification process below

    A Full Payment Certificate (FPC) is issued by the Department of Finance in conjunction with the Chicago Water Department to verify that utilities are paid current before any real estate can be transferred. The City of Chicago Water Certification requires a FPC Certificate before issuing the City of Chicago transfer stamps, without the Chicago municipal transfer stamps the Cook County Recorder will not record the real estate transfer.


    The FPC is required for even for exempt transfers. If the Water Certification is not obtained, “both the transferor and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable for any outstanding utility charges, penalties, and applicable fees that have accrued to the account.”

    How to Obtain an FPC - General Tips:

      1. Application and Fee: In order to obtain a FPC, an application with a Chicago Water Certification Fee of $50.00 shall be made to the Department of Finance. Provided, however, if the property is exempt from the Real Property Transfer Tax, the FPC application fee shall not be charged, if appropriately marked on the application.  Any outstanding account balance from your City of Chicago Water Bill will need to be paid to complete the certification process. Online application or the City of Chicago Water Certification paper application form 
      2. The Chicago Water Certification FPC requires uploading additional supporting Information: One of the following required documents must be submitted; Copy of the deed for the intended transaction, Schedule A of the title commitment or a signed sales contract.
      3. Ready Status and Certification: The FPCs are valid for about 60 days from the “Ready Status” date. If your FPC expires, you must resubmit a new application. A payment link will be emailed to the email listed on your application. The Chicago Water Department suggests 10 business days for processing. 

      Chicago Water Department Contact Information

      333 S State St #410, Chicago, IL 60604

      (312) 744-4420


      Let us save you time. Agents like ourselves are able to process multiple FPC's and are vetted in the Water Department system allowing for a quicker approval time and with higher accuracy.

      Chicago Water Department, Water Exemptions can be obtained through exempt deeds, sheriffs sales, court orders

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