• Chicago Exempt Deed Recording

    We can handle your City of Chicago exempt deed recordings



    We will record your Chicago Exempt Deed.



    Client receives email PDF copy of recording, original recorded deed mailed back to client unless arranged otherwise.


    Turn Around

    About 2 -3 days from acceptance of original recording materials. We will need to review MyDec and make sure paperwork is in order.


    Items Needed

    1. Original deeds for recording
    2. MyDec
    3. Grantor/Grantee Statement
    4. City of Chicago Water Certification (FPC)
    5. City of Chicago Zoning Certification


    County recording fee + $40 Service Charge

  • Components of a Chicago Exempt Deed Recording

    Read more detail about the Chicago Exempt Deed Recording process below


    Paperwork needs to be organized before an Exempt Deed can be recorded for a Chicago property. The paperwork needed are:


    Note: Chicago Property Report is equipped handling your Chicago Zoning Certification and Chicago Water Certification, along with obtaining the City of Chicago Exempt Transfer Stamps, and recording the Chicago Exempt Deed in person at the Cook County Recorder.

    Note: Double-check the quitclaim deed to ensure it correctly includes all required information. Illinois quitclaim deeds require name and address of the grantor, the name and address of the grantee, and legal description of the property at issue and be signed by the grantor. It must also be notarized, and Cook County requires the grantor/grantee statement.

    Chicago City Clerk

    After the materials are all organized you would go to the Chicago City Clerk Office (main floor- City Hall). The Chicago City Clerk will want to see your Zoning Certification, if required, and the Water Certification, the MyDec, and the original exempt deed. Once all of this is looked over, you will get the Exempt Transfer Stamp sticker. You will need to apply the Stamp to your original deed. Then you walk across the hall to the County Recorder of Deeds office.

    Cook County Recorder of Deeds

    The Cook County Recorder of Deeds, will finalize your Chicago Exempt Deed. While at the Recorder, you will first go to the document reviewers’ counter, where you will present your documents. Once your documents are reviewed and determined to be in order, you will be shuffled into a line to receive your County and State stamps, and then you will asked to wait in a final line for recording and cashier. After all of the procedures are completed you will have recorded your Chicago Exempt Deed.

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