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    We can handle your Cook County Clerk needs.


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    Estimates of Redemption

    Ordering an Estimate of Redemption, property owners may request a calculation of the amount necessary to satisfy taxes that have been sold to a third party and that must be redeemed to prevent loss of the property. You can order an Estimate of the Cost of Redemption in person at the Clerk's downtown office or submit a written request that one be mailed to you.



    To further understand the redemption process read, Cook County’s “A Guide To The Tax Redemption Process”. Current tax sale dates, here. Also, if you are not sure about the current status of previous taxes, take a look online at the Cook County Delinquent Tax Portal.

    Open Item Bills

    Paid and ordered in the Clerk office, but is a Cook County Treasurer item. We can facilitate this type of order for you. Read about our service here.

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    Scavenger Sales

    Under Illinois law, the Treasurer's Office is required to conduct a Scavenger Sale every two years. Read about the recent Scavenger sale here.


    Owners - If your taxes are scheduled to be sold at a Scavenger Sale, you are advised to contact the Cook County Clerk's Office as soon as possible to obtain tax bills for these prior years’ taxes. Be advised that an open-item or forfeiture bill must accompany your payment. Cash payments may not be made by mail. If delinquent taxes remain unpaid and are sold at tax sale, the tax purchaser will hold a lien on the property, and your property may be sold.


    Tax Buyers - The Scavenger Sale seat selection is first-come, first-served. At the discretion of the Treasurer's Office, these hours may be extended or shortened to accommodate the sale schedule. A list of tax-delinquent properties will be published in community newspapers by township and lists of these properties will be available for inspection at the Cook County Treasurer's Office. Properties are sold as is.

    Proof of Payment

    A Proof of Payment or Certificate of Payment verifies that you have made tax payments for a particular property for a particular tax year, including the dates paid. To order a Cook County Clerk Proof of Payment in person the following form should be used.

    Clerk Legal Descriptions

    The Map Department, in the Clerk Office, draws the official maps for Cook County. The tax maps show the boundaries of each parcel and identify the unit numbers within each condominium. This involves the legal description of the properties. The County Clerk provides certified legal descriptions for individual tax parcels for $10 each. The in person order form for the Cook County Clerk Map Department, can be found here.

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