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    Chicago Property Report is a collection of real estate products under a larger umbrella. Read about our products and learn about how we can help your organization. We are excited to work with our customers. Our mission is providing simple and accurate property products, accessible for the general public.

    Ownership/Lien Search

    Ownership/Lien Reports


    Cook County search product. Ownership/Lien Search report, listing adverse matters affecting title from the current owner forward. Document copies are included for customer review.

    Cook County Services

    Cook County Recorder

    Cook County Clerk

    Cook County Treasurer


    Cook County Services include: Cook County Recorder, Cook County Clerk, Cook County Treasurer and Cook County Court. Cook County Recorder, we will record your county documents and purchase document copies on your behalf. For Cook County Clerk services, we handle all services (estimates of redemption, forfeiture bills, clerk legal descriptions, open item bills, ect). Cook County Treasurer services include obtaining duplicate tax bills.

    Chicago City Services

    Chicago Water Certification

    Chicago Water Lien Release

    Chicago Zoning Certification

    Chicago Exempt Deed Recording


    Chicago City services include: obtaining Chicago Water Certifications, Chicago Water Lien Releases, Chicago Zoning Certifications and Chicago Exempt Deed Recordings as well as scheduling Chicago Administrative Hearings.

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    Industry Solutions - Attorneys, Lenders, Developers, Brokers

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    This section is a reference section. You will find our current rate list and service offerings. Information for specific real estate related industries in the Chicago area. Press releases and blog articles for the public. Manuals for public self-advocacy and education as well as accreditation and industry affiliations.

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