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    Industry Solutions for Attorneys

    Read how Chicago Property Report helps attorneys.

    Chicago Property Report has real estate solutions targeted towards attorneys and law firms in Chicago.


    The average attorney is a sole practitioner, cost focused and results driven. Grinding at the hustle daily, contacting clients, writing, conducting research, and maintaining office operations, all while trying to secure more business.


    We handle the leg work that you would expect from a typical clerking service with a specialty in real estate. Our service rates will always be half or more than a title company, increasing your bottom line.


    No longer will you need to travel to the Chicago City Hall or Cook County offices.


    Service now, pay later. Just select “Place an Order” on the top page and follow the prompts, no account registration or set up required. Our team will then handle your request and follow up accordingly if needed.

    Industry Solutions for Lenders

    Read how Chicago Property Report helps lenders.

    Chicago Property Report has real estate solutions targeted towards lenders. Timing is everything in real estate; loan rates, closing deadlines, 1031 Exchange rules, and other matters dictate the rhythm of your transaction.


    A service that Chicago Property Report offers for lenders, is our Ownership/Lien Report. This information report highlights open encumbrances back to the last warranty deed, as well as current tax status, and name search of parties in title. This product is perfect for residential or commercial refinances, where the dollar amount and liability are typically less. Expand your bottom line with our product.


    Contact Chicago Property Report and lets come up with a solution to provide you Ownership/Lien Reports for the Cook County area. Bulk pricing may be available.

    Industry Solutions for Developers & Brokers

    Read how Chicago Property Report helps developers & brokers.

    Chicago Property Report has real estate solutions targeted towards developers and brokers. Chicago Property Report understands that you are investment driven. The real estate industry moves quickly, and so do we. While attorneys and law firms will help you at the closing table, let us help you in the preliminary stages.


    If a lien needs to be filed, we offer competitive rates to record your lien.


    If you need a Chicago Zoning Certification before you put your real estate on the market, we can handle that. If you want to verify a Chicago Water utility, we can help you with an approximation of owed charges.


    If you need to understand open liabilities regarding title, we can help you with our Cook County Ownership/Lien Reports.


    Our rate is highly competitive, we are located downtown a block away from City Hall and we love what we do. Place and order with us today, no registration is required, no payment needed until services are completed. Contact us for bulk order pricing.

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