• Chicago Property Report: Current Rate List

    A summary of current service pricing and offerings**

    City of Chicago Services

    City of Chicago - Chicago Zoning Certifications, $35 Service Charge

    City of Chicago - Chicago Water Certifications, $40 Service Charge

    City of Chicago - Chicago Water Lien Release, $40 Service Charge

    City of Chicago - Exempt Deed Recordings, $40 Service Charge

    *Service includes obtaining the zero consideration municipal stamp from the City of Chicago*

    City of Chicago Administrative Hearings, $40 Service Charge

    Cook County Services

    Cook County Recorder Requests - $40 Service Charge

    Cook County Treasurer - Duplicate Tax Bills, $30 Service Charge

    Cook County Clerk - [Forfeiture Bills, Open Item Bills, Estimates of Redemption, Clerk's Legal Description, ect..] $30 Service Charge

    Cook County Circuit Clerk - [Document Filings, Complaint with Sheriff Service, Routine Motions, Circuit Court File Copies, Warehouse File Copies, Courtesy Copy Deliveries, Letters of Office, File Will/Certified Copy] $40 Service Charge

    Cook County Report Services

    Ownership/Lien Search

    Ownership/ Lien Report - Residential, $125 Service Charge

    Ownership/Lien Report - Commercial, $225 Service Charge

    For your information:

    Free pickup and delivery for Chicago Loop orders.


    Questions about services or requesting a quote? orderproperty@gamil.com

    **Pricing does not include City and County fees, which are subject to change and may depend on request.


    Payment is due net 30 days from service delivery.

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