• Chicago Property Report: Chicago Water Certification

    We can handle your Chicago Water Certification needs



    We can certify your Chicago Water Certification FPC.






    Client receives an emailed PDF Chicago Water Certification once: 1) The water is in "Ready" status, and 2) the client pays the balance on the account.


    Turn Around


    Depends, on if the city needs to conduct a meter reading or if more documentation is needed. It is best to order Water Certifications a week before your real estate transaction.


    Items Needed


    Legal Description and one of the following will be required to ensure a complete application:

    1. A copy of the signed and notarized deed for the intended transaction with grantor/grantee statement.
    2. Title Commitment Schedule A listing buyer and seller.
    3. Signed sales contract listing buyer and seller.



    $40 Service Charge + Water Balance


    Please note:

    Outstanding City of Chicago Water bill balances will need to be paid to complete the certification process. A link to pay will be emailed to complete the certification.


    Applications are good for 60 days from the authorization date, if your application expires, you must resubmit the entire application.

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